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Interfaith Coalition provides emergency and transitional housing for homeless families and support for our marginalized neighbors in Whatcom County.


Jenn's Story



Volunteers prepared a new transitional home thanks to a partnership with the City of Ferndale. The house was acquired by the City because the land will be needed for long-term transportation projects but in the short term, leased the house to Interfaith Coalition to provide housing to families in need. With this Ferndale home, Interfaith Coalition will have four units of housing in the Ferndale area for homeless families:  two that are short-term emergency units, and two that are transitional. Interfaith Coalition expanded their efforts to the Ferndale area because of the growing need to keep families in their hometown and children in the same schools.

“This is a rare win-win for everyone,” said Mayor Jon Mutchler. “We secure a vital piece of real estate for future transportation needs and get to help out our most vulnerable in the meantime.”

This new housing unit will be a transitional home for a homeless family who will be able to live there at a reduced rental rate and receive case management from Interfaith Coalition with the goal that they move into their own home after they gain stability.  “This is a unique model of partnership that is very cost efficient and creative, and will allow us to serve more families experiencing homelessness in the Ferndale area,” said Laura Harker, Executive Director of Interfaith Coalition.

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