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Family Housing

Too many families in Whatcom County need homes. With our housing program, we are working to eliminate homelessness.

Interfaith housing is unique: we keep families together. In shelters, fathers with young daughters are separated: moms with teenage sons live apart, too. We offer the only short-term housing for struggling families to live together.

We have 11 homes in Whatcom County. When a family moves into one of our homes, not only do we provide shelter — either temporary or for a longer, transitional period — but we also provide regular case management. Case management with each family addresses the issues that led to homelessness, with the goal of setting the family on the path back to self-sufficiency and their own home. We have a proven record of success.

With congregations, we manage two partnership houses: Our Saviour’s and Disciples House. Other options for families include Interfaith’s four-plex, Little House and Our House in Ferndale.

A place of one’s own is not a luxury. But it is a place to begin when families need to start over. Interfaith housing is the first step on that path.