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Interfaith’s Four-Plex

Interfaith’s move into housing for families began in 1993, when we purchased a single-family house on a large lot, and built a four-unit apartment building to fill a need for transitional housing. Through the work of many volunteers and tradespeople, the four-plex was completed two years later. Transitional housing is longer-term housing, with an average stay of about one year. This serves families who need additional time and support. Many are returning to school to increase their skills. Interfaith hires one of the tenants to take care of the property, which has a nice community feel in a residential neighborhood. Just like home. 

Interfaith saved me. Having a home of our own was huge. I’ve always been a together, organized person, but things happen. People can be brought down. The help I got was key. It was God’s hand in things. Living here has brought faith to my life.”

A professional welder who was laid off, this mom and teen son couldn’t afford their rent anymore and worried about paying their bills. They needed time to get their lives in order and time to regroup and reclaim their future.