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Our House in Ferndale

Our House, a triplex in Ferndale, is the only housing for homeless families in Ferndale. Through a community-wide fundraising campaign of over 600 donors, we opened the doors to 10 families in the past year. Ten families with 20 children began to hope again, thanks to our generous community.

Thank you very much for giving my family and me a home to live in when we had no other place to go. It makes me feel so happy and glad that I had a home to go to after school and a warm bed to sleep in at night and not having to sleep in a cold car in the winter…”

Carrie, with her three sisters and mom, lived for six months in their van. Their mom had to choose between running the van at night to keep her family warm, or saving gas to drive the girls to school in the morning. But life changed for the better when the family moved into Our House. Today, the little family has settled into their own apartment.