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Donate Money

Did you know that more than 95% of our funding comes from local community donations? Our commitment to the most vulnerable people here is primarily funded by the generosity of our congregations, individual and businesses throughout Whatcom County. As a small and efficient organization, every donation we receive matters, whatever the amount. We rely on you to help us end homelessness and poverty.

Join us by making a monthly donation to Interfaith. Donate now by mail or securely online with Credit Card & PayPal.

Click + on name to read more; click – to condense.

Honor someone special with a gift made in his or her name.

Honor someone special with a gift made in his or her name. A tribute gift in honor of an individual for a birthday or anniversary, or a memorial gift in recognition of a loved one, are meaningful ways to express your regard while putting your donation to work helping people in need.

Our endowment fund benefits our neighbors for generations to come.

The Interfaith Endowment Fund benefits our neighbors in need for generations to come. Your gift is invested in a professionally managed account to create a source of income to support Interfaith Coalition’ programs in perpetuity.

Stock and property donations.

If your assets include real property or securities, this form of giving is a convenient way to donate to Interfaith. These gifts not only advance our work, but also can lessen capital gain, income or estate tax liabilities. Contact us for information on your specific situation.

Thrivent Choice Dollars Can Help Interfaith!

If you’re a member of Thrivent Financial, eligible to direct Choice Dollars, you can direct those to Interfaith Coalition. The grant funding Interfaith receives from Thrivent Financial through this charitable grant program can help us provide homes for families, food for the hungry and shelter for the homeless right here in our community.

Directing Choice Dollars is easy. Go to this page to learn more and find program terms and conditions…or just call (800) 847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after the prompt. You’ll be joining with others helping Interfaith Coalition create a better world for our neighbors here.

Planned giving donations from wills and estates leave a legacy to lives that follow.

Some individuals choose to make a significant gift to Interfaith by naming us as a beneficiary of a bequest in their will. You can make a difference in the lives that follow by investing in programs that support your values. Your advisor can give you details based on your unique situation.