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Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers define dedication. Over 200 people volunteer in various Interfaith activities. Here are some of the opportunities available for you.

  • The CAST food outreach program is fueled by volunteers who prepare sandwiches four nights a week, while other volunteers serve the soup and sandwiches to hungry people.
  • Volunteers also donate new socks and personal hygiene supplies for CAST guests.
  • On-Call Help Lists. This is an invaluable contribution! We call when help is needed: you help only when you can. Flexible hours are available. Skilled or unskilled help is equally welcome, as well as youth volunteers.
  • Volunteers help maintain our homeless housing units: paint, spread bark, pull weeds, clean and other house care duties.
  • We occasionally need help moving furniture and assisting families as they move into their own apartments. Volunteers with trucks are especially appreciated!
  • Help coordinate and work at our fundraising events, sort and distribute winter coats, work on mailings and provide office support.
  • Collect children’s books. With your donation of books as individuals or through a book drive with your congregation, business or youth group, we fill the bookshelves in our family homes and through our Kids Need Books program.
  • Through Project Homeless Connect, we collect supplies for distribution to individuals and families on Bellingham’s day of support for the homeless.
  • Donate camping supplies, sleeping bags, personal hygiene kits and tarps for people living on the streets.
  • Get involved! We need your experience as a congregational rep, board member and committee member.
  • Donate furniture, household items and personal hygiene supplies for families beginning over.
  • Knitters: your hand-knitted hats and scarves for children and adults are gratefully accepted through our Project Warm-Up. You can also donate gently-used coats to our Winter Coat Drive.
  • Fill out a Volunteer Application online, call us at 734-3983, or email us at info@interfaith-coalition.org, and learn how you can make a difference right now!