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Laura Harker, Executive Director


Why I Work Here

For over 20 years, as Executive Director I have had the privilege to work with so many caring people doing great things in our own community. Working with a dedicated team of board members, staff and volunteers, has allowed our organization to grow and serve our neighbors. It is a blessing to see first-hand the difference our programs are making in our community, thanks to the generosity of our donors. Hope for a better future happens here every day.


Janie Pemble, Outreach Director


Why I Work Here

As Outreach Director I am the liaison with our member congregations and their congregational representatives, ensuring that they have the materials and information they need to engage and inform their congregation of the programs and mission of Interfaith Coalition. I work with each congregation to seek the specific role in Interfaith that best fits their congregation, and overall try to keep our member congregations motivated and involved.

I really love getting to know and work with many people in congregations and groups throughout the county, and I feel blessed because they give me the gift of hope and inspiration on a daily basis. The continual experience of so many generous and caring people in our county quietly going about doing good things for others empowers me and brings me daily affirmation that what we do together is meaningful and important. I think we provide this same hope to our families, shelter guests, and others we reach out to.


Carolyn Roy, Family Promise and Housing Program Manager


Why I Work Here

I love the dedication of the staff and the volunteers to a common cause: helping the homeless in Whatcom County with housing and other needs. I am so impressed with the commitment of the volunteers toward this goal and the varied ways in which they serve. Knitting hats, working a shelter shift, serving food, distributing coats, organizing the holiday gift program, helping with housing repairs and restocking homes with necessities when new families move in. Everyone serves those in need in such a tangible way and I’m humbled to be a part of this organization.


Andrea Hausner, Office Manager


Why I Work Here

… because it is very rewarding to work for an organization that actually does make a difference in peoples’ lives. And as an added bonus you meet and work with amazing Individuals, including our many volunteers spending a lot of their time helping out where help is needed.


Mike Hess, Property Manager


Why I Work Here

Our Interfaith team is about implementing solutions, not talking about them. I enjoy my role ensuring our buildings are safe and functioning at a high level so that other team members can use them to bring a beacon of hope into the lives of those needing it. I am hopeful that my time with those I interact with brings a little light into their lives.


Jim Wright, Volunteer Photographer


Why I Volunteer

At first, I volunteered simply to assist Interfaith tell with photos and videos the story of so much hurt and untapped potential in our community, to help raise money, to encourage people to volunteer, to highlight programs, to tell the stories of people helped, and again and again to thank the army of dedicated volunteers who give so much, so unselfishly.  Now, because of the modeling of Laura, Janie, the Board, and the hundreds of volunteers - and those who they have helped – I’m challenged to be more compassionate, more aware of the obstacles others face, and more committed to doing what I can to help.