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Partnership Houses

Our Saviour’s House

Our Saviour’s is a partnership house with Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church. The congregation provides the parish housing, which is managed by Interfaith. Along with Christ the Servant Lutheran Church, the congregation takes responsibility turning around the home between families. This includes restocking items, putting together welcome baskets and everything that goes into making a house a family home.

It was amazing. We now had a safe place to live and people we could trust. My family was happy there and it helped my husband and me rebuild our self-esteem, recharge our batteries and start over.”

Hope seemed out of reach for this couple and their three children until they received a new start with Interfaith housing’s unique combination of a home and intensive case management.

Disciples House

This house was slated for demolition in order to build an apartment complex on the property. A member of First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ contacted the home owner to see if it could be re-purposed, and it was subsequently moved to church property. Volunteers from a dozen congregations and community groups renovated the home, which is a true ministry of this church. 

Being able to leave a stress-filled house and be on my own for the first time ever was a huge blessing. Me and my children were able to do a lot of living while at the emergency house. You were all so kind. Thank you.”