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Family Promise

Why Family Promise?

We believe no child should be homeless. As there are too many homeless families in Whatcom County, we launched Family Promise in 2018 in order to help more families get out of poverty and into homes in a cost effective way.

How does it work?

Families stay in local congregations overnight and not only do they get a place where they can stay together as a family, they also get home-cooked meals and connections to the community. During the day, families go to the day center where they take showers, do laundry, kids get transported to their own school and small children can safely play in a warm environment. Families also have individualized case management to secure permanent housing, jobs, child care, and other needed resources to make them financially independent. Our success rate is 85% in families finding stabile housing – and staying there.

A few more details…

We have thirteen congregations that each host families for 4 weeks per year. Families go to one congregation for a week at a time. In order to share the burden and the joy of hosting, support congregations offer to help provide meals or companionship. We have a van that transports the families daily back and forth and also brings the beds once a week to the upcoming host congregation. At one point, we had 9 children under the age of 10 in our program. Please note, there is no religious component to our programs.