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Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the congregations, businesses, and individuals who helped make our auction such a great success! We celebrate the work we do together to bring hope to families, and we honor the children and adults we serve, who share their struggle and victory with us each day. Thank you all!


Lynden United Methodist Church

Take A Look!

Bikes for Work, Bikes for Good

Do you have a bicycle collecting dust in the garage?

You can help a family in poverty get a job and clean your garage at the same time! Donate your gently used bicycle and we will pick them up, check them over, refurbish as needed and get them ready for a family that has no transportation to use to get to work. Bikes for children are also needed. Our initial goal is to give 20 families in great need a bicycle complete with helmet and lock. We will even teach them how to change a flat tire and show them how to put the bike on a bus. We are being supported by Fanatik Bike Company, the Hub Community Bike Center and local bicycle advocates.

If you have a bike to donate, please contact Interfaith Coalition at 360-734-3983 or bikes@interfaith-coalition.org.

Helping the Homeless

How Interfaith Coalition Makes a Difference

The need is great, and the response is great, too. Ever wonder if all your volunteer hours and donated dollars make a difference? The success stories of those previously in need, who with your help are now headed toward self-sufficiency or able to give back themselves, are many. Click here for more information