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Our Story


Our story begins with the belief that each person matters, that every life has value, that all of us, acting together, can change our community for the better. Our diverse faiths inspire us: our compassion and active commitment to a world with shelter, food and respect for all, is our mission.

What is Interfaith?

Interfaith Coalition serves people in need in Whatcom County. Our programs are at the heart of Interfaith Coalition’s work. Read more here…

Our History

People of faith. People in need. Interfaith Coalition brings people together to put faith into action, reaching out to a challenged community, offering hope and solutions. As the community around us has changed, our programs have evolved to meet urgent needs. Read more here…

Board Members

Our board represents a broad cross-section of our congregational members and the community. This active board not only provides direction for Interfaith, but enthusiastically works to fuel the success of Interfaith. Meet our board members here.